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Orthotics that Support Pain-Free Living

Eugene-Springfield Oregon

The Next Generation Orthotic Solution for a Pain-Free Lifestyle

Alignment, it empowers you to realize quality movement, more energy, improved circulation and better balance. Regain optimal alignment with maximal arch support, a full contact orthotic and improved internal awareness of alignment.

  • Want to enjoy moving like you used to?
  • Go on long walks?
  • Work and function without pain?

Let us help you regain your optimal alignment through our unique orthotics combining M.A.G.I.C. (Maximal Arch Gait Integrated Casting) with effective alignment awareness  to create a powerful unique-to-you support system from the ground up.

Pain Relief

Alignment is the natural state of human anatomy with least effort and most efficiency. In this state pain disappears naturally.

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Learn How to Align Yourself to Reduce or Minimize Back, Knee and Neck Pain.

Improve Health and Well Being

Healthy feet mean easy movement and lead to overall well-being and feeling fabulous

Orthotics / Satisfaction

Listen to one of our MANY SATISFIED customers

Listen to one of our customers.  He went from being unable to walk properly to experiencing Relief in Every Step