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Alignment, it empowers you to realize quality movement, more energy, better circulation and better balance. We help you regain optimal alignment through maximal arch support, full contact orthotics and improved internal awareness of alignment.

Our unique process combines M.A.G.I.C. (Maximal Arch Gait Integrated Casting) and your own alignment understanding to create truly effective unique-to-you support from the ground up.

Dr. Melanie Carlone is a 30-year veteran physical therapist with a broad international orthopedic background in various medical settings and hospitals, and as a yoga teacher in the U.S., Asia and Africa. She is passionate about the dynamics of human movement and inspiring alignment in the learner. Applying her years of knowledge in physical medicine, sports science and orthotics, she has created a system that powerfully awakens and anchors healthy and natural body positioning.

Melanie is trained in Maitland Orthopedic manual therapy, craniosacral therapies, myofascial release techniques and numerous other modalities. Her training allows her to apply a wide spectrum of tools for rehab and patient care as she applies education and orthotics intervention for optimal alignment.

Melanie received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy, from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, Provo, Utah, 2010, and a Master of Science; Physical Therapy, US Army-Navy Baylor University, Academy of Health Sciences, San Antonio, TX, 1989, as well as her Bachelor of Science; Psychology, Colorado State University, 1982. She was trained in 2 different yoga styles at the 200 hour level and is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance.

Custom Orthotic Solutions delivers trained evaluation, professionally crafted shoe inserts and client education that promotes life-changing Optimal Core Alignment and Relief in Every Step.


Melanie Carlone, DPT, RYT

Doctor of Physical Therapy