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The human body is a truly amazing structure and holds within itself the very conditions conducive to it’s own well-being. Magic happens when we activate these conditions.
-Dr. Melanie Carlone

Rediscover Alignment Inspired By Nature

As the human structure developed, our feet adapted for critical endurance walking and running for survival. It is as if the lower leg has “leg springs”. When activated, these springs are dome-like and include the Achilles tendon, the tough plantar fascia and the spring ligaments on the bottom of the foot. Together, these give the foot enormous capacity to mold itself to uneven surfaces as well as press powerfully forward.

When healthy, it adapts to varied terrain by pronating. This is the arch flattening that allows the foot to be like a bag of bones, flexible enough to adapt to any surface. As we propel ourselves forward however, the foot supinates and becomes a rigid lever system so we can push off effectively. Every standing, walking, runnning human uses this to their advantage.

If the foot stays in a more pronated position, you literally cannot perform to best advantage. Custom Orthotic Solutions has an answer for anyone who seeks greater performance and endurance. Our MAGIC orthotics will capture the optimal arch within your foot, helping you feel and perform on the optimal arch nature intended.

Walking and running on flat levels surfaces cause the foot to be weak and collapse. The trend for minimal shoe wear, if not used properly, can make this worse. Our simple, yet effective, Optimal Core Alignment exercises helps everyone get the most out of our MAGIC orthotics.

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The nervous system is an intricate combination of sensory receptors in the skin, joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons which all give vital sensory feedback for accurate information about where our bodies lie in

Optimal feedback provides optimal balance. When the structures that house these receptors collapse, the feedback is inaccurate and poor balance and falls can result. Regaining the optimal alignment nature intended supports more accurate feedback so vital adjustments for balance can take place.

Better alignment= better balance… one step at a time.

MAGIC orthotics: Take the next step and come see us to learn if your balance can be improved.


There is a pump by which 20-30 mL (2 tablespoons) of used blood in the leg is thrust back to the heart by the foot with each healthy step during optimally aligned walking or running. This efficient return of venous
blood is enhanced by total contact orthotics which can stimulate muscles deep in the arch of the foot and encourage fresh nutritious blood into working tissues.

Most modern day humans have feet that rarely attain full activation and adequate venous emptying because of the surfaces we walk and run on in shoes we spend lots of money for.

Good arch mechanics and using the intrinsic muscles of the feet well can improve overall circulation and may even reduce lactic acid build up from poor venous return.

If you are a geeky scientist type take a look at this abstract of a founding article for Custom Orthotic Solutions:

Let us know if you want to read the full article on circulation starting in the feet, we would love to share.

Core strength

When we have core body strength, our arms and legs can work on a stable coordinated spine. This can help any athlete to perform to their maximal advantage.

A strong “core” means effective structural support for the way our anatomy was designed to work. Just as the spine has it’s optimal alignment, so too does the foot have it’s dome-like core system. When this system is in alignment and strongly functioning as nature intended, optimal alignment and performance result.

Supporting the foot’s structure through our total-contact orthotics gives stimulation to the foot essential for balanced muscle strength. When combined with enhanced core awareness through Optimal Core Alignment training, the athlete has the kind of core stamina and strength they need to succeed in their game, one step at a time.