Relief in Every Step

With Our Postural Management and Orthotic System

in Eugene and Springfield Oregon

Now doing business as Align Renew Thrive Physical Therapy. Providing whole body care for better health. We look forward to serving you.

Are you in pain and unable to move or walk easily?

Foot, knee and lower back pain can all be triggered by poor foot alignment.  It may show up as aches, pains, numbness, tingling, bunions or hammertoes.

Our modern day lifestyle makes it worse:

  • too much sitting,
  • hard on the foot exercise,
  • prolonged standing,
  • poor fitting shoes,
  • walking on hard surfaces,
  • falling arches,
  • very high arches,
  • heel pain,
  • arthritis,
  • injuries,
  • scar tissue from old injuries,
  • pronation,
  • flat feet,
  • it feels like there is a lump in the sole of your foot.


Does pain have you limiting the way you live?

Are you worried you’re losing your independence?  You’re not alone…

We no longer walk barefoot on unpaved ground.  Our feet have suffered. But help is available…non-surgical and without drugs. And…designed just for you.

Alignment… your body’s gift to enjoying the way you move. Feel empowered. Restore the freedom of movement you had as a child. Discover more energy, better balance.

  • Your circulation improves… puffiness disappears.
  • Moving is more fun, more enjoyable…
  • Taking a walk brings pleasure not agony with every step.

Without pain…look forward to daily tasks and work instead of dreading them. Play with your kids or grandkids. Take the dog for a walk. Relish time in your garden.

Dance…hike…go on that dream trip down the Rhine.

Align your body and enjoy life more!

Want to know more about how Align Physical Therapy & Custom Orthotic Solutions can help you?

Pain Relief

Alignment is the natural state of the human body. It allows us to move with the least effort and most efficiency. Aligned… pain disappears naturally.

Free Optimal Alignment Assessment Tool

Learn How to Align Yourself to Reduce or Minimize Back, Knee and Neck Pain.

Improve Health and Well Being

Healthy feet mean easy movement and lead to overall well-being and feeling fabulous.
Orthotics / Satisfaction
Listen to one of our MANY SATISFIED customers
Listen to one of our customers.  He went from being unable to walk properly to experiencing Relief in Every Step