For Pain Relief


Tissue Injury

When there is any kind of tissue injury, soft tissue constricts and pulls toward your body center. Eventually, it loses elasticity and gets fibrous. We call this fibrous tissue a scar and now we have a problem.

When injury pulls toward the midline of the body or body part, it throws off movement and gait. Add to this possible ligament instability from damage or deformation. Combined they trigger loss of alignment in the joint, wear on cartilage, and muscle strain. BAM! You have pain.

Becoming more aligned helps immediately reduce pain and strain. The feedback in your shoes from our MAGIC orthotics reminds you of your pain-free center, with EVERY STEP. They coach you to stand and walk aligned. You move more balanced and more freely. No more pain.


To feel great again we need to bring your body into the best possible body alignment for healing and health.

Custom Orthotic Solutions’ MAGIC inserts help you. They promote better standing, walking and balance. They give you feedback to help you internalize what better alignment feels like. This makes all the difference to your progress.

Consistently, clients who practice their home techniques get results faster. Their active role in self-care creates profound and lasting change.

If your damage seems unfixable, don’t despair. We have solutions that can make a difference.

When we bring back the natural flow of movement to its optimal level, the body takes over. Optimal alignment leads to the miracle of more efficient and healthy biology.

You’ll experience less inflammation after injury, faster healing time and less pain.



Healthy body functions depend on circulation. It’s easy for the heart to pump the blood downhill to your feet. But, it takes the right movements to help it get back uphill to the heart again.

When we started wearing shoes… we forgot how to use the muscles in our feet. Circulation suffered.

Good arch mechanics and learning to use muscles in the feet improves circulation. With an optimally aligned step, 2 1/2 tablespoons (20-30 mL) of tired blood (venous) in the leg is on it’s way back to the heart.

The pump mechanism that triggers this lies deep in the muscles of the arch. Properly activated, it helps pump blood back up the body.

Total contact orthotics, like those from Custom Orthotic Solutions, promote this blood return.

Most urban dwellers today have collapsed feet. They rarely activate enough for total pumping to occur. The tired (venous) blood sits there and you notice puffiness.

Our results show the healthy mechanics of the arch can reduce swelling. You’ll feel better from your best feet up.