Optimal Core Alignment

A founding principle of Custom Orthotic Solutions

by Melanie Carlone, DPT

Optimal Core Alignment is the state of human anatomy in which there is least effort and most efficiency because structures are aligned the way they are designed to be. When bones are aligned, they glide over each other following natural smooth curves and surfaces, without friction. This alignment allows cartilage to optimally lubricate the joint. Ligaments, holding bone to bone, tighten and relax allowing bones to move properly. Muscles can then pull and move us as they are designed to. When this alignment is lost for any reason like weakness, trauma, habit or genetics, changes occur in our bodies. These changes are often disabling and painful.

Arthritis and pain ensues as cartilage begin to wear away. Our “arth” (joints) become irritated by “itis” (inflammation), ligaments stretch or compress on poorly aligned joints, muscles strain to move bones that are askew. The system begins to break down and has to accommodate to function as best it can.

When bones are aligned, then ligaments, which hold moving joint surfaces together, lengthen and shorten as they are meant to. There is little stress on their insertions. When the natural distance between bones is changed for any reason and alignment is lost, stressed stretched ligaments over-pull on bones causing spurs and bunions. Ligaments can rupture, even calcify.

Muscles work most efficiently when they are moving in unison with aligned joints (and not in strain against joints that are not properly lined up). Our muscles allow us to move with gravity, to pull our frame into action during our lifetime. New studies reveal optimal alignment and foot muscle action is responsible for thrusting 2-30 ml of used up blood back up the legs with each healthy step be re-oxygenated and replenished and this can have life altering positive benefits for our clients.Mel corrected

We all live in varying states of alignment with the inexorable, persistent force of gravity. Custom Orthotic Solutions is dedicated to providing simple solutions to restore Optimal Core Alignment and reduce the wear and tear on the body. Less pain. Better Movement. Now.