Here are a few testimonials from our satisfied clients:

“I purchased custom orthotics 3 months ago. From the moment I walked into Dr. Melanie Carlone’s office, I felt she really cared about my outcome. She is passionate about helping people along their healing journey.

I had a condition called Morton’s Neuroma, which is an inflamed nerve in my foot.  It came on suddenly July 2016. When I saw Melanie I had been dealing with it for 6 months. My foot was painful and swollen and every day was a struggle to get through. I really didn’t have a lot of hope.

I had seen a podiatrist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, and massage therapist.  All of them were helpful but none gave lasting relief.

I was feeling like I would need to get used to walking in pain. I tried to be grateful for everything else that was good in my life.

Melanie put me at ease by sharing her story with me of her own foot issues and how she healed herself.

I decided to try the orthotics, and she did the mold of my foot.  Before that she had me walk on a treadmill and did videos so I could see how I was walking. She gave me tips to improve my gait.  That was so helpful!  None of the professionals I had seen before offered that.

In a few weeks the orthotics arrived and she fit them for me. She took great care to listen to me and make the needed adjustments. We also discussed inflammation and she suggested some supplements.

I went to our local nutrition store and they guided me about amounts to use and which to buy. They agreed she was right on the mark with the supplement suggestion.  The turmeric and black pepper combined were very helpful.

The combination of the orthotics and the supplements turned things around for me within 1 month.  Now 3 months later, I no longer get out of bed in the morning to a painful first step, and the tone set for the rest of the day.

I am now taking 30 – 40 minute walks, which I had not done in 8 months. This is after completing my long work day which I can be on my feet a fair amount of. I am so jazzed about this, grateful for every pain free step!

If you have foot pain I highly recommend having a consult with Melanie. She will give you an honest answer of whether she feels she can help you or not.  I’m so grateful to have found her and these orthotics, and looking forward to a summer walking and hiking. They are worth every penny and she is an angel!” - Jill S.