“Reduce inflammation to treat the root of many issues.
If your gut isn’t working right it can cause so many other issues.”
― Jay Woodman


Your DIET – It’s the single most powerful tool you use EVERY DAY. You can significantly reduce inflammation if you consistently provide your body the complete life chemistry it requires for healing.



The biggest culprits for chronic inflammation in your daily diet are:

  • grains (all of them), yes, even the whole grains
  • sugars and all sweeteners
  • food additives (like those in ALL processed foods)
  • Plastic packaging exposure
  • Not enough good oils and fats


Foods are basically chemicals, chemicals that are known and help support OR that act like foreign agents and the body treats them like invaders. They can disrupt your gut lining and particles of partly digested food leak into the bloodstream and trigger an “immune attack” reaction.

On a grand scale this is serious and life-threatening like in celiac disease. On a small scale this can cause things like brain fogginess, constipation or diarrhea, headaches, pain in muscles joints and tendons, usually in your weakest, most vulnerable areas.



Everyone is different. But all disruptive foods can trigger this systemic inflammation defense reaction, similar to when infection is present. When we are inflamed, resilience is low and everything is triggered.

It becomes difficult to connect our symptoms to food we have eaten recently. Cleaning up your diet makes you much more aware of what is triggering you and when.

The science of functional medicine is clarifying how powerful diet is to reducing inflammation.

Get smart. Get in action, usually 6 weeks dedication is enough to show major differences.



Dr. Mark Hyman, MD, co-founder of the renowned Cleveland Institute of Functional Medicine, great info in many forms: numerous books, videos and blogs on his website and YouTube relate functional medicine advances to real life applications.

  • “Food: what the heck do I eat?” is full of most recent science of functional medicine, health producing foods, and lifestyle that reduces inflammation.
  • “10 Day Detox Diet” is a simple and effective way to cleanse the body of many pain causing triggers.
  • “Eat Fat Get Thin” is a great introduction into the value of a more ketogenic diet for health and longevity.

PLUS the foods are yummy and easy to prepare.

Where to Learn More: drhyman.com


Cavin Balaster bring sounds Functional nutritional advice to helping heal the brain and nervous system after injury or surgery.

His book is AMAZING. Excellent handouts and charts for functional nervous systems support and eating plans you can post in your kitchen. Get the book, it is worth it.

Where to Learn More: FeedaBrain.com


Dr. Steven Gundry: cardiologist and researcher; his work has important sources of information especially in the area of heart health.

He is also an excellent source for understanding the gut microbiome and pre- and pro-biotics.

Where to Learn More: gundrymd.com


Dr. Terry Wahls: She is an MD who overcame her advanced multiple sclerosis and 4 years in a tilt-in-space wheelchair with nearly full loss of function. She now rides her bike to work again, something no one thought she could ever do. No kidding.

She shares her knowledge of with dietary support for the nervous system. A well-researched balanced approach to functional nutrition and health.

Where to Learn More: terrywahls.com


How has changing your diet impacting your healing journey?

Please share your story in the comments.